YoYoGames.com Virus Scanner Down for Three Days

on December 16, 2010 - 2305 Views

The yoyogames.com virus scanner is down.

All games uploaded to the official Game Maker file host must successfully pass through the scanner before they publicly appear on the site.  Normally this process takes a few minutes but members have reported on the GMC and the YoYo Games forums that their games are not being scanned.

Games are normally uploaded at the rate of about 80 a day but the most recent game on YoYo Games was uploaded 3 days ago.

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3 Responses to YoYoGames.com Virus Scanner Down for Three Days

  1. […] a four day lapse the YoYoGames.com virus scanner appears to be functioning again.  There will be quite a backlog to […]

  2. It’s always funny to see things like this going tits-up.

  3. ‘Nice enough’; They do not seem to be aware of that, are they?

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