How to Make a MMORPG in Game Maker

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make an mmorpg homepage 300x206 How to Make a MMORPG in Game MakerTrue Valhalla has produced a website guide teaching how you can make a MMORPG using Game Maker.

An MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, is an ambitious project often jumped in to by people who do not have sufficient experience of using Game Maker or programming in general.

The set of tutorials available on the website is designed to teach the creation of a 2-dimensional Game Maker MMORPG making use of the popular 39DLL networking sockets library.

True Valhalla has first-hand experience in developing for the genre with his Myriad Online project recently passing a year of development time. News that the first beta version of the game is currently expected to be released at the end of 2012 or start of 2013 indicates the kind of commitment and dedication that will be required to complete such a game, even with the availability of resources such as How to Make An MMORPG.

The Warrior’s Path, which had the added complication of being 3D, was a rare example of a long running Game Maker MMORPG project. However it was never released as the project was abandoned which the developers attributed to speed issues with Game Maker. Much more workable were the 2-dimensional Stick Online and Realm of Past Worlds, two Game Maker MMORPG projects which successfully reached release but both appear to no longer be supported by their developers.

The website starts off assuming no knowledge whatsoever with section available entitled “What is Game Maker?” which then takes you through the basics of using the software and GML. Whilst this will obviously be of benefit to programmers who are not familiar with using Game Maker this may encourage a few too many in the “I have no programming knowledge whatsoever but I want to make a MMORPG” category to jump in and quickly become confused. To mitigate this there are about 20 pages or so before reaching the “Getting Started” section appears, this should demonstrate both the complexity of such a project and the the level of detail that has been provided in the tutorial.

The material is presented in a clean and consistent fashion with function names highlighted, sufficient screenshot and is accompanied by well commented downloadable examples. Arrows at the bottom of each page link to the next section in the tutorial or you can choose to access a particular page directly from a contents listing.

make an mmorpg colours How to Make a MMORPG in Game Maker

Colour coded and documented GML

The site doesn’t just throw code at you either, there are good explanations behind everything that is taught, such as this introduction to the concept of a client-server model and how it will work for a MMORPG.

Once networking has been taught you aren’t abandoned either, there are additional articles on common misconceptions (perhaps the thought was that incorporating this into the main tutorial would scare people off!), funding a game, security issues and on how best to deal with malicious users.

The site has been online for about 9 months and despite the amount of material available it is far from complete as a quick look at the examples download page will show. Future additions will include platform movement, AI, combat and inventories. From this list of exclusions it is clear that the guide doesn’t currently teach you absolutely everything you need to know about creating a MMORPG in Game Maker however the basics of using 39DLL to create a working networked game are covered.

Over the coming months and years this could develop into a comprehensive tutorial for everything Game Maker MMOPRG related and would be a good link to post in response to the overly-ambitious MMORPG as a first game attempts that crop up at GMC.


10 Responses to How to Make a MMORPG in Game Maker

  1. mcoot says:

    While I’ve never been particularly interested in making any kind of MMO game, maybe this will allow people with the skill to actually make them, and scare off the newbies who have no clue how hard it would be.

  2. Loaf says:

    This website has been around for a long time… the article makes it sound as if it was recently produced.

  3. True Valhalla says:

    Thanks for the in-depth review of my site! I hope it is of some use to people interested in online game development.

  4. Joshua Liddle says:

    Jack Brockley :“The site has been online for about 9 months…”

    Seeems messy up to slide that information in nearing the end of the article.

  5. Izaiah Wotring says:

    well im a noob. But i know all too well how hard it can be. See im a game script writer (i write the stories for the games). but i want to get way out there, and make my stories into my own games.

    but i got this game that needs to be 3d. i dont have a program for that.

    any tips

    • Neil MacDonald says:

      Yo Izaiah! Game Maker Pro has 3D tools, so you can make 3d games like FPS. It also has manny other features!

      Izaiah Wotring :well im a noob. But i know all too well how hard it can be. See im a game script writer (i write the stories for the games). but i want to get way out there, and make my stories into my own games.
      but i got this game that needs to be 3d. i dont have a program for that.
      any tips

  6. Middleboy2 says:

    Although I relies that making a mmorpg is no easy task for somebody that just started gamemaker,let me assure you new programmers out there that you can do it. I have used gamemaker for 3 years now. I mostly specialized in 3d games. But recently I began to program online games. It was no easy task but the yoyogames forums helped alot and now I’m on my way and you can be as well good luck

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