Low activity at GameMaker School

ShadePlay23’s GameMaker School is today recovering from a DDoS attack. Genuine activity at the forums has been “extremely low” in recent weeks which has led to ShadePlay23 stating that he may have to “permanently cancel the Game Maker School”. The school currently has over 340 registered members but most do not actively participate in any of the classes.

I bought GameMaker School

Broadcasting to the world a domain name you plan to register isn’t the brightest idea is it? Not so when I am king of domains starting “GameMaker…” (GameMakerBlog.com, GameMaker.tv, GameMakerStream.com, GameMakerTV.com, GameMaker.es, GameMakerNews.com, GameMaker8.com). GameMakerSchool.com has been added to my list. Some of you will probably think this was a harsh move on my half and I’ll admit I do feel a little guilty. I first considered purchasing this domain earlier in the month but Read more…