Quantity is Good

In a message on his blog Mark has reiterated the fact that YoYoGames is for all Game Maker made games and not just the best as the total number of games on the YoYo website exceeded 10,000. This responds to some criticism on the GMC where some people have come up with the crazy idea that only a select few high quality games should make it on to the site. YoYoGames already has a rating Read more…

GameMakerTech Exclusive Mark Overmars Interview

GMTech have announced “MAJOR EXCLUSIVES” at the GMC. The only exclusive I could find was an interview with Mark Overmars “this is a huge exclusive, as the only other magazine or GM service he has done an interview with was GMDM (quite a few years back), “ Take that MarkUp.

GameMaker Book

Haven’t brought “The Game Maker’s Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners”, Mark Overmars and Jacob Habgood’s book? No, neither have I. If you are interested take a look on Google books. Obviously the whole book isn’t on there but it will give you a good idea of what the book is like. Related GameMakerBlog article: Free Game Development Books