Albion Online: Calls out DDOS Criminals during Server Restart

Criminals demand money from Albion Online It was an interesting weekend for Albion Online; full of twists and turns, server restarts and ransom demands. To get a better feel for just how serious things got, the CEO and Founder himself took to the forum to explain what was happening: Bercilak → DDOS & Blackmailing saying that a ransom demand was given and is purely asking for money. Now while it is nicely spelled out on the forums, Read more…

Low activity at GameMaker School

ShadePlay23’s GameMaker School is today recovering from a DDoS attack. Genuine activity at the forums has been “extremely low” in recent weeks which has led to ShadePlay23 stating that he may have to “permanently cancel the Game Maker School”. The school currently has over 340 registered members but most do not actively participate in any of the classes.

GMKing under DDoS attack

The website of GMKing, the creators of MarkUp, is currently unavailable due to a DDoS attack. Downloads of the recently released MarkUp 14 remain unaffected however.