Indie Games by Indie Devs

I believe it is important to not just showcase Indie games to get them exposure but to give each game a place to show off. That means giving them their own page to show everything the developer wants to show and that includes playable HTML5 versions and free to play demos of their games as well. We are hoping that by creating a community of developers and players we can get the word out for these smaller games that do not have large marketing budgets. It is also a good area for feedback, a developer sometimes wears rose-colored goggles so getting different points of view is just as valuable as getting a sale. In addition, we also can create unique custom trailers to help draw in even more people to your games.

Game PageDeveloperPlatformsMain Sale PageGenre
Heavy Sheep GamesAndroid,IoSGoogle PlayCasual,Arcade
uZombieJonathon ColibabaAndroidGoogle PlayRPG, Strategy, Top Down, ARPG
TurretMasterHikati GamesPCSteamTower Defense, Competitive
Deios II // DEIDIABARCHboiPCSteamAdventure,Exploration
Swap FactoryIcecore StudiosAndroidGoogle PlayCasual,Puzzle
Kingdom DefenseIcecore StudiosPCitch.ioTower Defense,RPG
GameDevDan-vs-LifeChequered Ink LtdPCSteamCasual,Arcade,Puzzle,Action,RPG