Fields of Mistria is tilling more than just dirt



The gang is huddled around Glenn’s computer, looking at the Steam page for “Fields of Mistria.”

Glenn: “Alright, team, check this out. ‘Fields of Mistria.’ It’s not out yet, but it’s all about farming, magic, and romance.”

Rob: “Romance? I’m in. Look at those character designs!”

Charlie: “I bet there’s a secret character. Someone who knows… things.”

Kaitlin: (to the viewers) “Every time. Every single time we look at a game, Charlie thinks there’s a conspiracy.”

Danny: “Ah, wishlisting. Takes me back.”

Scene 1: Speculating on Features

The gang discusses the game’s features based on the Steam page.

Rob: “Look at that farm! I’m gonna have the best crops.”

Charlie: “I’m telling you, there’s a hidden feature. Maybe magic spells?”

Kaitlin: (to the viewers) “Magic spells? Really? Why can’t we just have a normal conversation about a game?”

Danny: “Remember when games came with manuals? You didn’t have to guess.”

Glenn: “It says here you can customize your character and farm.”

Rob: “I’m going all out. Top-tier fashion.”

Charlie: “I bet there’s a secret outfit. Something… mystical.”

Kaitlin: “Why would there be a secret outfit, Charlie? It’s a farming game!”

Danny: “Back in my day, you got what you got. No customization.”

Glenn: “Let’s focus. What about the romance options?”

Scene 2: The Great Marriage Debate

The gang argues over the potential marriage candidates based on the game’s description.

Rob: “That character right there. I’m calling dibs!”

Charlie: “I’m telling you, there’s a secret marriage candidate. Someone from another dimension.”

Kaitlin: (to the viewers) “Another dimension? Seriously? Why do I even bother?”

Danny: “Remember when you just had one choice and that was it?”

Glenn: “It says here there are 12 marriage candidates.”

Rob: “Only the best for me!”

Charlie: “I bet one of them is an alien. Or a wizard.”

Kaitlin: “Not everything is a conspiracy, Charlie! It’s a farming game!”

Danny: “Ah, the good old days of simple choices.”

Glenn: “Let’s just agree to explore all options when the game comes out.”

Scene 3: Pre-Order or Not?

The gang debates whether to pre-order the game.

Rob: “I’m wishlisting. I need to be the first to play.”

Charlie: “I bet there’s a secret bonus for early adopters.”

Kaitlin: (to the viewers) “A secret bonus? Why am I even here? Why do I put up with this?”

Danny: “Back in my day, you just went to the store and bought the game.”

Glenn: “It does look promising. And the community seems excited.”

Rob: “I’m telling you, it’s gonna be a hit.”

Charlie: “Especially with the secret features.”

Kaitlin: “For the last time, Charlie, it’s a farming game! No secrets!”

Danny: “I do miss the thrill of a physical copy.”

Glenn: “Alright, let’s take a vote. To wishlist or not?”


The gang reflects on their discussion.

Glenn: “So, ‘Fields of Mistria.’ Excited?”

Rob: “Definitely. I’m all in.”

Charlie: “I’ll be watching for those secrets.”

Kaitlin: (to the viewers) “If Charlie mentions one more secret, I swear…”

Danny: “It’s gonna be a trip down memory lane.”


The gang wraps up their session.

Glenn: “Thanks for joining us on this speculative adventure, folks! We’ll be back when the game’s out.”

Rob: “And I’ll be the best farmer.”

Charlie: “And I’ll uncover all the secrets.”

Kaitlin: “It’s a farming game, Charlie! A farming game!”

Danny: “Till next time, keep it retro!”

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