[GameMaker Tutorial] What is a Room

GameMakerBlog Tutorials What is a GameMaker Room The official documentation of a Room can be found here and at a high level it is a container that can hold object instances and assets. There can be more than one room in your game, rooms can parents of other rooms, rooms can be added dynamically while the game is running and most importantly: Gameplay takes place in a room. Different parameters related to a room include: making Read more…

[GameMaker Tutorial] Top Down: Make an enemy unit face the player

GameMakerBlog Tutorials Top Down Game: Make an enemy unit face the player GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Making an Enemy unit face the player or even face a certain direction is a question that shows up on the GameMaker Community forums many times and is a fundamental function in creating any game that has enemy units; no-one wants to see enemies looking the opposite way when they are coming after your player even though that Read more…

GMB is up for Sale!

I’m really short on time these days so I’ll keep this brief. I had high hopes when I took over the reins back in November last year. I started to implement a lot of new things and the content was coming nice and regularly. Readership is up, income is growing steadily and the subscriber count has grown nicely since I took over. However, due to personal circumstances at work I just don’t have the time Read more…

First Impression Feedback – #02 Skelattack

by: Dave_Draws    Are you tired of being the dungeon “hero“? Killing innocent Skeletons without getting to know them? To understand a Skeleton, you must become one! Defend your dungeon! Oh, and you have a pet Bat, how cute! What is this, and what is that… and where are my pants?!

First GameMaker Studio 2 Game Jam

GMS2 Beta Game Jam

The release of GameMaker Studio 2 Beta version has brought many new features to GameMaker, not least among these are the tile map functions. In order to show these functions off and to get users used to them YoYo Games have launched the first ever GameMaker Studio 2 Game Jam.

GameMaker Studio 2 Now Available to Buy!

GameMaker Studio 2 Available to purchase

YoYo Games today announced that GameMaker Studio 2 Beta is now available for all to purchase. This is exciting news for developers wishing to get theirs hands on the newly released software and owners of GM:S Professional can get it the upgrade for just $59.99. This is a one time purchase of the software in its current state and also after the full release.

YoYo Games Hosts Q&A On Reddit

Yoyo Games discuss GMS2 on Reddit

On Tuesday 15th November, YoYo Games (more specifically – Shaun Spalding, Mike Dailly & Russell Kay) were on Reddit answering your questions about the recently announced GameMaker Studio 2. The topics were varied with each member having their own agenda but here are some of the main talking points about the latest iteration of the game development software we’ve all come to know and love.

GameMaker Studio 2 Is Here!

A lot has been made of the recent announcement that GameMaker Studio 2 has entered into open Beta. Many of the regular users have taken to Twitter to post their opinions are screenshots of the new software. We first reported on the new software back in 2014 following former YoYo Games CEO, Sandy Duncan’s announcement on Twitter. It’s fair to say that most users taking part in the Beta are feeling good about the way the Read more…