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First GameMaker Studio 2 Game Jam

GMS2 Beta Game Jam

The release of GameMaker Studio 2 Beta version has brought many new features to GameMaker, not least among these are the tile map functions. In order to show these functions off and to get users used to them YoYo Games have launched the first ever GameMaker Studio 2 Game Jam.

GMS2 Beta Game Jam

YoYo Games have provided a loose theme for the Game Jam, “Arena” but have stated that it is the making of any game that is important and so will consider entries even if they do not use the theme. You don’t have to be using the paid version of GameMaker Studio 2 to enter but you must be using GameMaker Studio 2, entries made with any previous version of GameMaker are invalid. There is a strong emphasis on using the new tile map features such as the in editor auto-tiling or  tiles animations so expect a lot of great visuals.

Unlike previous competitions held by YoYo Games, that were primarily held on the GameMaker Community forums, this game jam is hosted on Primarily a games portal, allows their users to upload and sell their games for a cut of any profit but also has a thriving community that allows users to host their own game jams.

Over 11500 games have been created for game jams on however this number is split between a great number of jams with many of the currently active and past jams having single or low double digit number of entries.  With 9 of the 14 days of GameMaker Studio 2 Game Jam gone, nearly 150 individuals have joined the jam, surpassing the majority of game jams hosted on the service. There have been no early entries so far but with 5 days left this is to be expected. Many users will wait until the last minute to submit their entry in order to get the maximum amount of time to polish their game.

YoYo Games have offered some minimal YoYo Games branded merchandise as an added incentive for entering including trophy, T-shirts, a squeeze ball and even a bottle opener. You’ll have to place in the top 3 games, judged internally by YoYo Games staff in order to win.

The deadline submit your entry is 12.00 AM GMT on Wednesday the 14th  leaving just over 4 days to enter.

You can sign-up for the very first GameMaker Studio 2 Game Jam here.

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