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[Giveaway] Deios 2 Steam Key Holiday Giveaway


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Creator of Deios II: BARCHboi, recently reached out to GameMakerBlog about the possibility of doing a Steam key giveaway to the GameMaker community. We are always willing to help any developers reach out to fellow GameMaker fans and developers so together we are pleased to announce the Deios II Steam Key Holiday Giveaway. We have 10 Steam Keys to give out and will once again be using Rafflecopter to facilitate the entries and winners. The giveaway starts 12/17/2017 @ 12am Eastern Standard Time and will end 12/27/2017 @ 12am Eastern Standard Time, official entry website can be found here. You can find further details below including the different entry options and the mirrored entry form.

Details, it’s the small things…

The giveaway is pretty straightforward, there will be 5 (Five) different entry options and each person can complete each one for a total of 5 entry tickets. Obviously, a person is only eligible to win 1 Key, so we will have 10 winners. The entry options are simple:

  1. View the Deios 2 Steam Page
    • Just click the link and a take a quick peek
  2. Follow Barchboi on Twitter
    • Creator of Deios 2 and is working on some cool projects
  3. Look at the Deios 2 GMB Page and answer a question: “How did the page look?”
    • We made a dedicated landing page, just take a quick look and let us know what you think
      • Special Note – if you have a game you want us to make a page for, just let us know
        • Contact Form
        • *This is free for Indie Devs like us, we know how slim the budgets are
        • Read more here: IndieDevHelp
  4. Visit the GMB Indie Game Trailers YouTube Channel and answer a question: “What do you think of the trailers?”
    • We created a new Indie Game Trailers channel, where we have all our custom created trailers for Indie game developers
      • Special Note – If you want a trailer created, just let us know. We will create a custom one for you, either based on a theme we choose, or provide your own theme
        • Contact Form
        • *This is free for Indie Devs like us, we know how slim the budgets are
        • Read more here: IndieDevHelp
  5. Follow GameMakerBlog on twitter
    • Keep up to date on the latest programs

Don’t wait, Enter now!

As usual, there is a full Official Rules document which includes fun favorites such as: no purchase necessary, void where prohibited, winners notified by email (and twitter if you follow GameMakerBlog) and other assorted legal sentences. You can read the official rules here.

Here is the official entry form widget, in case you just want to go ahead and enter right now:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to support BARCHboi, here is the official steam widget:



Leave any questions or comments below.

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