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  • Katana Zero

    Mind Games in Katana Zero: The Psychiatrist’s Deceptive Tale [SPOILERS]

    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR KATANA ZERO! Exploring the Dystopian Landscape of New Mecca Welcome to the neon-lit, dystopian metropolis of New Mecca, where the Cromag War has left its mark and the city is ruled by a mysterious governing body. In the shadows of this troubled city, a new breed of assassin has emerged, […] More

  • Undertale

    Undertale: An Epic Tale of Adventure and Emotion

    The Start of a Timeless Tale Once upon a time, in a world filled with RPGs and adventure games, a unique little game called Undertale was born. This game, created with GameMaker, was unlike any other in its genre, blending elements of traditional RPGs with a quirky sense of humor and a heart-warming story. You […] More

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    Databases Demystified: A Practical Guide to Game Development

    As game development continues to evolve, developers are seeking out new ways to manage game data, enhance performance, and create engaging gameplay experiences. One powerful tool that game developers have at their disposal is the database, which allows for the organization and management of game data. In this article, we will provide an introduction to […] More

  • Spelunky

    Sail the High Seas of Adventure: A Review of Spelunky

    A Pirate’s Tale of Spelunky Avast ye mateys! As a seasoned pirate, I’ve sailed the seas and explored countless islands in search of treasure and adventure. But there’s one tale that still haunts me to this day – the tale of Spelunky. It’s a game like no other, filled with danger, excitement, and untold riches. […] More

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    Choosing the Right Game Development Engine for Battle

    The war for game development dominance is heating up, with many battlefields vying for our attention. As a seasoned veteran in the industry, it’s crucial we make a strategic decision on the best engine to use in order to secure our position. In this report, we will be examining the top 5 indie game development […] More

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    The Quest for Profitable Monetization: A Guide for Game Devs

    Greetings, adventurer! I am a wise and experienced Quest Giver from the world of gaming, and I have an epic quest for you. Are you ready to embark on a journey to increase your riches in the world of game monetization? Then grab your mouse and keyboard, and let’s get started! In this quest, we […] More

  • Risk Of Rain

    Risk of Rain: A Storm of Success in the Gaming Industry

    Risk of Rain: A Torrential Downpour of Gaming Fun Risk of Rain is an indie game that was developed and published by Hopoo Games. It was released in 2013 and has since received widespread critical acclaim for its challenging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and immersive sound design. Despite its humble origins as a student project, Risk […] More

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    Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Game Development

    Congratulations, you’ve decided to enter the wonderful world of game development! But before you dive headfirst into coding and designing, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: mistakes. Yes, everyone makes them, even the most seasoned developers. But hey, why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others? […] More

  • Hotline Maimi

    Hotline Miami: A Thrilling, Neon-Soaked Journey of Brutality

    Hotline Miami is a top-down action shooter game that was developed using the GameMaker Studio game engine. The game’s success is a testament to the versatility and ease of use of this popular game development tool. Developed by the Swedish studio Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital, Hotline Miami is a prime example of […] More

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