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Feedspot puts GameMaker Blog in top 50 Game Development Blogs

Feedspot Game Development Blog Awards

Game Development Top 50 Award Badge

If anyone has not read the great compilation list put out by Feedspot already; then I would fully recommend giving it a read now at Game Development Blogs as there is a wealth of information pertaining to game development blogs that some people might not have known existed. Of course, we at GameMakerBlog were ecstatic to see our blog was ranked in 10th place and it shows how strong the content is not only starting to become but has been with previous editors like Mark, who contributed to some truly informative posts. Of course at the top of the list are some heavy hitters in the game development community with sites such as Gamasutra and of course Game From Scratch; both are more than deserving of their top spots given the depth of information and technical help they provide through articles and even video. That is not to say other blogs on the list are not as informative, take for example number 45: Sande Chen – Game Design Aspect of the Month which can be found here: Game Design Aspects where you will find posts focused on Game Design; one of the most important development area’s for creating an engaging game.

The importance of lists

We currently exist in the most information rich period of all time and this will only increase going forward as more people make the jump from being just content consumers to content creators due to the ease in which anyone can start their own website, blog, Youtube channel, Facebook and Pinterest pages. The issue that invariably comes with this, is that content now gets lost in the shuffle; how can someone find a blog like number 37 from Alexander Brazie, which has some of the best insights and tips to apply towards creating your game from a truly talented and experienced designer whose credits include World of Warcraft and League of Legends? The answer, of course, comes in the form of aggregation lists where a dedicated team wades through gigabytes and now terabytes of data and websites distill the very essence and worth of each post according to the criteria of the list to be generated and finally outputting a lineup that is easy to parse and read.

I have Trust Issues

Lists are great, Lists are everywhere, Lists are life. Seriously though, you can look through any news site, newspaper or magazine and find another top 20 of this or top 10 of that and the reason is that the same problem that spawned the need for aggregated lists have created a market of creating aggregated lists. So what is the solution then? Trust. Just like finding the right news channel that you trust (whether it’s Fox News or Last Week Tonight), the key to finding the right lists is knowing who to trust. Some criteria to help you decide would include:

  • Is the information presented in a nonbias format?
  • Are there factual statements and verifiable numbers to back up the claims?
  • Is there enough detail given to render a reasonable summary?
  • Is the source material readily made available or accessible?

When I apply the criteria against any Feedspot list, I continually end up with YES to all questions; there is never any bias shown in the presentation of the information, the summary and clear numbers used to determine the ranking is easily visible and finally there is always a direct link to the source for every blog in the list. I do want to point out that Feedspot is diverse with blog lists for topics ranging from Game Development to Health Blogs which makes the site a potential stop whenever you might need to research a new area of interest or if you just want to see the best competitors of a niche you want to get into.

I would like to Thank the fans

No matter how good or bad some content might be, without anyone consuming it the information might as well be buried in the sand on a remote island; so the importance of each reader, especially in today’s landscape of endless choices, becomes that much more critical. Thank you to all new readers and existing readers who have stuck through the transition period between owners. Thank you again to Feedspot for considering and sharing our content, we appreciate the work you do.

Leave any questions or comments below.

Good Luck in all things,
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