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GMB is up for Sale!

I’m really short on time these days so I’ll keep this brief.

I had high hopes when I took over the reins back in November last year. I started to implement a lot of new things and the content was coming nice and regularly. Readership is up, income is growing steadily and the subscriber count has grown nicely since I took over. However, due to personal circumstances at work I just don’t have the time to dedicate to the blog going forwards. I do have a few interviews still to post which I’ll try and get out soon but after that the content will be minimal at best.

Get your game some exposure on the blog

If you’d like to feature on the blog then you can still do so by answering the following interview questions about yourself and the game. Just send it all over to and I’ll get it published when I find a spare half hour. This will keep the content trickling through until I can find a suitable buyer for the blog.

About You:

Q) Are you a full-time developer? If not, what do you do?
Q) What is your earliest memory of playing video games? What was your favourite?
Q) How did you get into game development?
Q) Is this your first game? If not, tell us briefly about your best game to date.

Development specific questions:

Q) Tell us a little about your game and where the inspiration for the game came from.
Q) How many were in the team developing your game and who are they?
Q) Why did you choose to use GM:S for this project?
Q) Have you tried out GMS2? If so, how does it compare with GM:S 1.4?
Q) Aside from GMS, what other software are you using?
Q) What does your hardware setup look-like?
Q) Do you have a date that you're working towards for release?
Q) What platform is your game available on? Do you plan on releasing elsewhere?
Q) What top tip do you have for aspiring game developers getting started with GameMaker Studio?
Q) What's your favourite indie game? (Doesn't have to be developed in GMS)
Q) Would you like to add anything else?


Interested in buying

If you’d like to purchase the site then please get in touch either on Twitter or by emailing The asking price is the same as the purchase price I bought it for, $2500 – this is non-negotiable and I’m in no rush to sell. The blog generates more than enough income to pay for its own hosting so I’m happy to wait for the right person for the job.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to the blog in the past 6 months and for all of you, the readers. It’s been short but sweet and I’m genuinely disappointed that I’m not longer able to dedicate any time to the site.


What do you think?

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