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    Review – Making Money with HTML5

    Since the release of GameMaker Studio, a large portion of hobbyists who once used the tool to create freeware Windows games are now taking advantage of the ability to export to mobile devices. This means a new wave of developers, with little experience in distributing their games or conducting business, are now looking for pointers […] More

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    Game Maker 8 Cookbook Announced

    Packt Publishing have announced one of their future titles as Uriel Griffin’s Game Maker 8 Cookbook. The book will feature a number of “recipes” providing step by step instructions and additional information on how to implement various desired game effects. The book will cover a wide range of GameMaker’s feature set including basic drag and […] More

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    Book Review: The Game Maker’s Companion by Jacob Habgood et al.

    The Game Maker’s Companion (links) is the long awaited sequel to the best selling book introducing Game Maker game development, The Game Maker’s Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners. Game Maker creator Mark Overmars is not a co-author of this book but Habgood, a former professional game developer and now senior lecturer of Game Development at […] More

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    Preview The Game Maker’s Companion

    A preview of The Game Maker’s Companion is now available on Google Books. The preface, including full contents list, and first 52 pages are included in the online preview.  The book is written by Jacob Habgood, professional games developer Nanna Nielsen and Martin Rijks (the former GMC administrator Smarty) and features a forward written by Game […] More

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    Game Maker’s Companion set for August Release, Game Maker Cookbook Cancelled

    A couple of brief updates regarding Game Maker books that are currently being written. Jacob Habgood’s Game Maker’s Companion [Amazon: $26.39 US|£23.62 UK], follow up to his successful Game Maker’s Apprentice book co-authored with Mark Overmars, is now scheduled to be released next month. Release was originally planed for April 2010 but that deadline has obviously been […] More

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    The Game Maker’s Companion: Coming April 2010

    The Game Maker’s Companion is the title of Jacob Habgood’s follow-up book to the successful The Game Maker’s Apprentice. Earlier in the year Jacob asked for suggestions as to what a second, more advanced, book should include.  Companion is due to be released in April 2010 and publishers APress have recently released some information about […] More

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