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[Giveaway] LetThemCome rewards GameMaker Community with chances to win free steam keys

LetThemCome giving away 10 free Steam Keys

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LetThemCome….and enter for a chance to win a free steam key! LetThemCome and GameMakerBlog recently discussed the development process of the game and the great community that surrounds GameMaker Studio itself. Based on a mutual idea of rewarding the commitment of fellow developers, enthusiasts and helpful people who take the time to post answers and tutorials to questions on the GameMaker Community forums we have teamed up to hold a steam key giveaway for LetThemCome. Having played the game, I can say it is not only well made but most importantly: fun; nothing is more relaxing than just shooting endless hordes of ugly looking aliens out to kill you. Of course, no need to tempt fate in order to play as the game is available on Steam right now: Let Them Come, but if you would like to enter the giveaway then click HERE or read on to find out more details and see the entry form.

10 lucky tickets

A quick rundown of the rules for the giveaway are:

  • The giveaway is being administered from the “RaffleCopter” website as they make it easy to keep track of what users entered and followed the rules.
  • There are 4 different entry options and each option awards you with 1 “entry” ticket, for a maximum of 4 tickets.
    • As per twitter, please do not make multiple accounts for the purpose of entering contests multiple times
    • Visit the LetThemCome facebook page → Liking, commenting, following are optional but appreciated
    • Follow @gamemakerblog on twitter → Follow us for the latest updates on GameMakerBlog
    • Follow @letthemcome on twitter → Follow the games twitter for the most recent news and updates
      • This is the only mandatory option, which I guess doesn’t make it really an “option”
    • Visit the GameMakerBlog facebook page → All the fun of twitter but on facebook
  • The giveaway will run for ~7 days
    • Starting 10/11 @ 12am Eastern Standard Time
    • Ending 10/19 @ 12am Eastern Standard Time
  • After the 7 days are up, I will click the “Add Random Winner” button on RaffleCopter
    • This will generate a random winner from the pool of tickets
    • I will verify the winner has followed the rules
  • I will repeat the above process 9 more times, thus creating 10 random winners
    • We have 10 steam keys to give out, so 10 random winners makes sense
  • I will email the winners based on the emails they signed in with on rafflecopter
  • I will also try to DM the winners on twitter if you follow @gamemakerblog
  • Winners have 14 days to claim their steam key
    • Note this just means responding to my email or DM so I can give you the steam key
  • Winners will be announced and updated on the blog as each winner accepts the steam key
  • In the event a winner does not claim their key, we will hold a flash giveaway to be determined at a later date
    • Winners: Please claim your keys

There is also a terms and conditions document you can read HERE if you want to.

And now the official entry form

Let Them Come Giveaway.


GameMakerBlog and vsEvil wish everyone good fortune.

Leave any questions or comments below.

Good Luck in all things,
Hikati Games
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