You see Ivan, in Spinch you throw kids



The gang is gathered around Glenn’s computer, watching the Spinch trailer.

Glenn: “Alright, this is ‘Spinch.’ It’s like… a psychedelic platformer?”

Rob: “Looks like someone had a bit too much fun with the color palette.”

Charlie: “Whoa, are those neon spiders? And rainbow worms?”

Kaitlin: “This is… different.”

Danny: “Looks like a cartoonist’s fever dream. I love it.”

Scene 1: The Psychedelic Dive

Rob: “So, we’re this Spinch thing, and we’re trying to rescue our kids from… what exactly?”

Charlie: “From that! Look at that moondog dropping bombs!”

Kaitlin: “Why would anyone want to kidnap Spinch’s kids?”

Danny: “Maybe they’re just really into neon. Ever think of that?”

Glenn: “The goal is to dodge, dash, and even use the kids as projectiles. Sounds wild.”

Rob: “Sounds like a typical Tuesday for me.”

Charlie: “I once used a sandwich as a projectile. Does that count?”

Kaitlin: “Why am I not surprised?”

Danny: “If you can dodge a sandwich, you can dodge a neon spider.”

Scene 2: Boss Battles and Baby Ammo

Glenn: “Alright, here comes the boss. Looks like a… kaleidoscopic… something.”

Rob: “That’s one way to describe it.”

Charlie: “Can we throw babies at it?”

Kaitlin: “Charlie! That’s not how you handle problems!”

Danny: “Actually, in this game, it is.”

Rob: “I’ve got to say, using your kids as ammo is a parenting strategy I’ve never considered.”

Charlie: “Seems effective though.”

Kaitlin: “Only in video games, Charlie.”

Danny: “And only in really, really weird video games.”

Scene 3: The World of Spinch

Glenn: “These worlds are insane. From neon plains to frozen icelands, and even outer space!”

Rob: “I feel like I’m on a trip just looking at it.”

Charlie: “I once went on a trip. Fell down the stairs.”

Kaitlin: “That’s not the kind of trip he meant, Charlie.”

Danny: “Though, given the look of this game, both kinds of trips might apply.”

Rob: “I’m just trying to figure out the logic of this world.”

Charlie: “Logic? In a game with neon spiders and baby projectiles? Good luck with that.”

Kaitlin: “It’s about the experience, not the logic.”

Danny: “And what an experience it is. I haven’t been this confused since the ’80s.”


Glenn: “So, after all that neon madness, what do we think of ‘Spinch’?”

Rob: “It’s like if a rainbow threw up on a video game. In a good way.”

Charlie: “I still want to know why we’re throwing babies. That’s just… a choice.”

Kaitlin: “It’s unique, I’ll give it that. Not every game lets you dive into a psychedelic wonderland.”

Danny: “Or makes you question every life choice that led you to this moment.”

Stream Outro:

Glenn: “Alright, folks, thanks for joining us on this wild ride through ‘Spinch.’ Remember to like, comment, and subscribe for more… whatever this was.”

Rob: “And if anyone figures out the logic behind neon spiders, let me know.”

Charlie: “Or where to get some of those rainbow worms. Asking for a friend.”

Kaitlin: “Thanks for watching, everyone. And remember, games are about having fun, even if they’re a little… out there.”

Danny: “And if you ever find yourself in a neon world throwing babies at bosses, just go with it. Life’s too short for boring games.”

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