9 Till Void is still better than a 9 to 5



The gang is gathered around Glenn’s computer, watching the 9 Till Void trailer.

Glenn: “Alright, this is ‘9 Till Void.’ It’s all about casting spells and strategy.”

Rob: “I’ve got a knack for this. Watch and learn, folks.”

Charlie: “Spells? Like magic? Can I turn someone into a frog?”

Kaitlin: “If only, Charlie. If only.”

Danny: “I’d pay to see that.”

Scene 1: The Spellcasting Spat

Glenn: “Okay, we need to choose our spells wisely. I say we go with the Fireball.”

Rob: “Nah, nah, the Ice Shard is the way to go. Trust me.”

Charlie: “Can either of those turn someone into a frog?”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, focus! And Glenn, Rob’s right. Ice Shard has better range.”

Danny: “I never thought I’d see the day when Rob’s right about something.”

Rob: “Hey! I’ve got instincts, okay?”

Glenn: “Fine, we’ll go with Ice Shard. But if this goes south, I’m blaming you.”

Charlie: “Speaking of south, did you know frogs live in the south?”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, not now!”

Scene 2: Strategy and Squabbles

Rob: “See? Told you Ice Shard was a good choice.”

Glenn: “We’re only on level two, Rob. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Charlie: “I once got ahead of myself. Ended up in a chicken coop.”

Kaitlin: “How does that even happen?”

Danny: “With Charlie? I’ve stopped asking.”

Rob: “Alright, next spell. I say Lightning Bolt.”

Glenn: “No way. Earthquake. It hits multiple enemies.”

Charlie: “Do frogs get hit by earthquakes?”

Kaitlin: “Why are we still on frogs?”

Scene 3: The Final Showdown

Glenn: “Alright, final boss. We need the perfect spell.”

Rob: “Tornado. It’s flashy and effective.”

Charlie: “I once saw a frog get caught in a mini tornado. It was wild.”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, enough with the frogs!”

Danny: “I’m just here for the show. And by show, I mean watching you two bicker.”

Rob: “Tornado it is. Let’s do this.”

Glenn: “If we lose, it’s on you.”

Charlie: “Speaking of losing, did I ever tell you about the time I lost a frog race?”

Kaitlin: “Of course you did.”


Glenn: “Well, that was… an experience.”

Rob: “Told you I had good instincts.”

Charlie: “Next time, can we play a game about frogs?”

Kaitlin: “Only if it keeps you quiet.”

Danny: “I’d play a frog game. As long as there’s no math.”

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