Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper Promises a great time



The gang is gathered around Glenn’s computer, watching the Drawngeon trailer.

Glenn: “This is ‘Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper.’ It’s like a first-person roguelite with 90-degree turns.”

Rob: “Looks old-school. I bet I’d be great at it.”

Charlie: “It’s all sketchy! Like someone’s doodle book came to life.”

Kaitlin: “Can we focus? We’re here to play, not doodle.”

Danny: “Wow, a game with 90-degree turns? Groundbreaking.”

Scene 1: Choosing the Character

Glenn: “Alright, we need to pick a character. Each has unique traits and gameplay.”

Rob: “I say we go with the warrior. Simple. Attack and block.”

Charlie: “I wanna be the one with the funky items! Look at that trinket!”

Kaitlin: “We need to strategize. This game is about balance.”

Danny: “Balance? In a game? What a novel concept.”

Rob: “Let’s just pick and dive in. How hard can it be?”

Glenn: “Famous last words.”

Danny: “Oh, diving right in? Hope the water’s not too cold.”

Scene 2: Exploring the Town and Dungeons

Charlie: “This town’s all sketchy. Like it’s from a 3D sketchbook.”

Kaitlin: “That’s the art style, Charlie. Focus!”

Rob: “I’ve got this awesome weapon from the early game. It’s way more powerful than the later gear.”

Glenn: “That’s the problem with the game’s balance. Some items are just overpowered.”

Danny: “Overpowered items in a game? Shocking.”

Charlie: “I found a town portal! It’s like that game… what’s it called? Diablo?”

Kaitlin: “Good job, Charlie. Now, let’s get back to the dungeon.”

Danny: “Back to the dungeon? I was just starting to enjoy the town’s ambiance.”

Scene 3: The Balancing Act

Rob: “I’ve become invincible! This skill is just too good.”

Glenn: “That’s what I was saying. The game’s balance is off.”

Charlie: “I just like the art. It’s all sketchy and cool.”

Kaitlin: “We need to strategize. The game gets cryptic.”

Danny: “Cryptic? Oh, I love a good mystery. Maybe it’s like a murder mystery dinner, but with more sketching.”

Rob: “Let’s just push through. We’ve got this.”

Glenn: “We need to be careful. The loot progression is tricky.”

Danny: “Tricky loot? Maybe it’s hiding. Like a game of hide and seek.”


Glenn: “Well, that was an adventure. The game’s UI and visuals are top-notch.”

Rob: “Yeah, but they need to work on the balancing.”

Charlie: “I just loved the art. Can we play again?”

Kaitlin: “Maybe. But next time, let’s strategize better.”

Danny: “Strategize? I thought we were just here for the doodles.”

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