Castle of no Escape 2 like the first one but better



The gang is gathered around Glenn’s gaming setup, staring at the screen.

Glenn: “Alright, guys, today we’re diving into ‘Castle of no Escape 2‘. It’s a dungeon crawler, and it’s supposed to be pretty challenging.”

Rob: “Looks old school. I like it. Reminds me of the games we used to play.”

Charlie: “Wait, is this the one where you can’t actually escape the castle? Because that sounds like a nightmare.”

Kaitlin: “That’s… literally the title, Charlie.”

Danny: “Ah, the good old days when game titles actually told you what the game was about. Not like now with those fancy, misleading names.”

Scene 1: The Beginning

The gang watches as Glenn navigates through the game, exploring rooms and battling monsters.

Rob: “Okay, Glenn, you need to pick up that sword shard. It’s the only thing that can defeat the castle owner.”

Glenn: “I know, Rob. I read the game description too.”

Charlie: “Why are there so many monsters in this castle? Did they all get trapped like us?”

Kaitlin: “It’s just a game, Charlie. They’re programmed to be there.”

Danny: (sarcastically) “Oh, ‘programmed’. Back in my day, monsters were real, and we had to deal with them face-to-face.”

Rob: “You mean in video games?”

Danny: “Sure, let’s go with that.”

Scene 2: The Struggle

The game gets more challenging, and Glenn is visibly frustrated.

Rob: “Use that spell! No, not that one, the other one!”

Glenn: “Rob, I got this. Just let me concentrate.”

Charlie: “You guys remember that movie with the high-speed chases? This game reminds me of that.”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, this is a dungeon crawler. How does it remind you of a car chase movie?”

Charlie: “I don’t know, the intensity? The… escape? I can’t remember the name.”

Danny: (sarcastically) “Oh, of course. The famous dungeon-crawling car chase movie. Classic.”

Scene 3: The Climax

The gang is on the edge of their seats as Glenn approaches the final boss.

Rob: “This is it! Use the sword shards!”

Glenn: “I’m trying, Rob! It’s not as easy as it looks.”

Charlie: “I still can’t remember that movie’s name. It’s driving me crazy!”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, focus! We’re about to face the demonic castle owner.”

Danny: “You know, back in the day, we didn’t have demonic castle owners. We just had regular castle owners. And they were scary enough.”

Rob: “Danny, not now!”


The screen fades to black as the game ends.

Glenn: “Well, that was intense.”

Rob: “Told you to use the other spell.”

Charlie: “I’ll never remember that movie’s name, will I?”

Kaitlin: “Probably not, Charlie. Probably not.”

Danny: (sarcastically) “Great game. Really took me back to the days of… whatever it was trying to take me back to.”


The gang interacts with their fans, thanking them for watching.

Glenn: “Thanks for joining us, everyone! Hope you enjoyed our ‘Castle of no Escape 2’ adventure.”

Rob: “And remember, always use the right spell.”

Charlie: “And if anyone remembers that movie’s name, please let me know.”

Kaitlin: “Thanks for putting up with our antics, everyone. See you next time!”

Danny: “And remember, back in my day, we didn’t have outros. We just… ended.”

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