TSwift, imma let you finish but Wandersong is the best game



The gang is huddled around Glenn’s gaming setup, the title screen of “Wandersong” glowing on the monitor.

Glenn: “Alright, team, today we’re playing ‘Wandersong,’ a musical platforming adventure game. You play as a bard and use music to interact with the world.”

Rob: “A bard? So, what, we’re gonna sing our way through problems?”

Charlie: “Dude, that’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to be a bard!”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, you can’t even carry a tune.”

Danny: (sarcastically) “Ah, yes, the power of song. Because nothing solves problems like a good ol’ musical number.”

Scene 1: The Musical Journey Begins

Glenn starts the game, guiding the bard through a colorful world.

Rob: “So, we’re just gonna sing to everything?”

Glenn: “Exactly, Rob. Different things respond to your music in different ways.”

Charlie: “I bet I could sing to a rat and make it my friend!”

Kaitlin: “You already do that, Charlie.”

Danny: “Ah, the good ol’ days when we didn’t need songs. We had sticks and stones, and they broke bones.”

Charlie: (laughing) “And names never hurt us!”

Scene 2: Meeting the Cast

The gang encounters various characters in the game, each responding differently to the bard’s music.

Rob: “Why is that guy dancing?”

Glenn: “It’s the DANCE BUTTON, Rob. You can dance anytime, anywhere.”

Charlie: “That’s like my dream feature!”

Kaitlin: “You dance even when there’s no button for it, Charlie.”

Danny: “Ah, the DANCE BUTTON, the epitome of modern gaming. What’s next? The ‘do your taxes’ button?”

Charlie: “I’d totally press that button!”

Scene 3: The Emotional Climax

The gang reaches an emotional part of the story, where the bard’s music plays a crucial role.

Rob: “So, the music is actually affecting the story?”

Glenn: “Yes, Rob. It’s an emotional journey.”

Charlie: “I’m feeling all the feels, man!”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, you cry at commercials.”

Danny: “Ah, yes, the emotional power of 8-bit tunes. Brings a tear to my eye.”

Charlie: “Or maybe that’s just the onion you’re holding.”


The game ends, and the gang reflects on their musical adventure.

Glenn: “Well, that was a unique experience.”

Rob: “I still don’t get why singing solves everything.”

Charlie: “Because, dude, music is the universal language!”

Kaitlin: “Or maybe it’s just a game, Charlie.”

Danny: “Ah, the universal language of music. Right up there with the universal language of complaining.”

Charlie: “And don’t forget the universal language of love!”


The gang thanks their viewers and teases the next episode.

Glenn: “Thanks for joining us, everyone! Hope you enjoyed our musical journey.”

Rob: “And remember, when in doubt, just sing it out.”

Charlie: “Or dance it out!”

Kaitlin: “Or maybe just don’t.”

Danny: “Tune in next time when we explore the deadly world of interpretive dance. Until then, keep those vocal cords warm!”

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