Colt Canyon is a wild west kind of good time



The gang is gathered around Glenn’s gaming setup, the title screen of “Colt Canyon” displayed.

Glenn: “Alright, folks, today we’re venturing into ‘Colt Canyon.’ It’s a 2D pixel art shooter where you’re a cowboy trying to rescue your kidnapped partner.”

Rob: “Kidnapped partner? Sounds like a Tuesday.”

Charlie: “Wait, can I be a cowboy too? I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy!”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, you can’t even ride a horse.”

Danny: (sarcastically) “Ah, the Wild West, where men were men and pixel art was… not invented yet.”

Scene 1: The Rescue Mission

Glenn starts the game, navigating through a canyon filled with bandits and obstacles.

Rob: “Shoot that guy! No, the other guy!”

Glenn: “Rob, I’m trying to focus here. Rescuing a partner is serious business.”

Charlie: “Do you think they have cowboy sandwiches in this game?”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, why are you obsessed with sandwiches?”

Danny: “Ah, the good ol’ days when sandwiches were made of… whatever you could shoot.”

Scene 2: The Perils of the Canyon

The gang encounters various challenges, including boss fights and traps.

Rob: “Watch out for that trap, Glenn!”

Glenn: “Too late, Rob. I’m already caught.”

Charlie: “Is that a snake? I hate snakes!”

Kaitlin: “It’s a pixelated snake, Charlie. Calm down.”

Danny: (sarcastically) “Oh no, a pixelated snake. How will we ever survive?”

Scene 3: The Return Journey

After rescuing the partner, the gang has to make it back home.

Rob: “Now that you’ve got your partner, let’s get out of here!”

Glenn: “Easier said than done, Rob.”

Charlie: “I still think a cowboy sandwich would make this journey better.”

Kaitlin: “Charlie, enough with the sandwiches!”

Danny: “You know, back in my day, we didn’t need to rescue anyone. We were all too busy being lost.”


The game ends, and the gang reflects on their experience.

Glenn: “Well, that was a wild ride.”

Rob: “I told you to watch out for those traps.”

Charlie: “I still think this game needs sandwiches.”

Kaitlin: “And I still think you need to drop the sandwich thing.”

Danny: “Ah, the Wild West. When men were pixelated and sandwiches were… still not a thing.”


The gang thanks their viewers and teases the next episode.

Glenn: “Thanks for joining us, everyone! Hope you enjoyed our Wild West adventure.”

Rob: “And remember, always watch out for traps.”

Charlie: “And snakes. Don’t forget the snakes.”

Kaitlin: “Or the sandwiches, apparently.”

Danny: “Tune in next time when we explore the deadly world of pixelated sandwiches. Until then, yeehaw!”

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