Pulling together content for a community of this size is no mean feat. It can take hours of research and writing to bring you the latest news and reviews of our beloved GameMaker software. Just recently it was decided that this site was here to provide the community with great content and so new contributors were sought.

Meet the team…


Programming games since the age of 6, I’m always over estimating the project scope and restarting the projects. That’s me! After discovering GameMaker Studio about 3 years ago, I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I am working on my first serious project and a couple of other prototypes. The Game Maker community is one of few honestly friendly (and non-toxic) communities that I have ever found on the whole of the internet. I have been around since 1996 (yeah I am an internet dinosaur). In this community everyone has the same aspirations and similar story and because of that we all want to help each other out. That is why I want to help small GM indie developers by providing them with feedback and encouragement as well as promotion of their projects.


Alex Arthur

Alex Arthur joined the GameMaker Community in 2006, first using Game Maker 7 to create maze games.  Previously a GameMaker Community forum reviewer and contributor to digital magazines about GameMaker. Briefly delved into creating mobile games for iOS and android, the most popular of these being drinking games. Now focusing on creating GameMaker code assets for the GameMaker Marketplace.

Rank Up Games

We are Rank Up Games & we make games differently or with our own style of twists and turns. Our mission is to make unique experiences on games you enjoy playing! Which, as an aspiring small game development studio working on our three games, we work our hardest to have our games be the best they can be. If you would like to be updated on news, updates and anything game development goes follow our other social media pages or simply visit our website for more info on us or our games!


Richard aka Nodime

My name is Richard aka Nodime, I’m a professional web developer of 5 years.  I love playing games especially online with my friends, in my personal time when I’m not working on a web project, playing games or in parent mode I’m fulfilling a life long ambition to create my own games that I can share with other people. My favorite game to play at the moment has to be Astroneer. My favorite food is Sausage Casserole followed closely by pizza.

Indiana Kuffer

Indiana Kuffer is a small-time indie developer looking for any excuse to bust out a quick game jam project. He plays, writes, and creates to find not just the fun, but that invisible magnetic connection that draws the player and game together. A firm believer of a do it yourself mentality, Indiana’s experience in game development and criticism is entirely self-taught. If he’s not currently working on a project or piece he is studying others build, play, and teach online.

Nathan Meunier

Nathan is a long-time freelance writer, author, and part-time indie dev. His upcoming GM:S project, Missile Cards, has been greenlit on Steam! You can also follow him on Twitter or check out his other projects at www.nathanmeunier.com