The origin story of Kingdom Defense

“It all started with a small game that I made when I had a cold in 2011. I named the game “Castledefense” and showed it to my brother as soon as I finished the sprite of the first Unit, the soldier.
My brother, Steven, was instantly in love with the game and wanted to join as coder to make the game as nice as possible. From there it escalated, the game got more complex, several changes in gameplay and refined over and over, until we realized that this is our dream project.
As we discovered that its our dream to one day fully release the game and start a game business, we founded Icecore Studios.”

What’s all about

This game is basically a 2D side-scrolling Tower Defense game with RPG elements, where u can create and control a squad consisting of different kinds of units to destroy the dark crystal, that spawns enemies that try to approach and attack your tower.

The Prototype:
-one test level that looks like a level of the first continent(grasslands)
-test out different combinations of all standard units that will be playable in the full version
-even smarter gameplay with the skill mechanic by using the skills of the Soldier and Warrior(click the star-icon)
-enemies on the ground and flying enemies
-stationary enemies and creation of new enemies

Check it out

You can see the official page on Kingdom Defense

You can also try the demo right here: