Welcome to Swap Factory by Icecore Studios, a little Indie Dev Studio by three brothers, who try to create unique and fun games. The core concept and idea of the game is as follows:

“The basic concept of Swap Factory is obvious: On 4 different assembly lines, which can be seen on the screen, presents of 4 different colors are randomly passing by starting from the left, moving to the right. Your task is to place the presents on the correct assembly lines. You can do that simply by touching a present and either swapping it with another present or placing it on an empty place on the assembly line. Once a present moves out of the screen to the right, you get a score if the color
of the present matches the color of the assembly line, and a fail if the present’s color doesn’t match. If you reach 10 fails, the game is over and your score is shown to you on a personal top ten highscore table.”

Now the core concept is very solid and easy to understand, so of course they threw in some wild cards:

The Star: Just like a present, you can touch the Star to choose it and then touch somewhere on an assembly line to place it and activate it there. If the Star is activated, every present that is currently on the same assembly line will change
its color to the color of the assembly line. That reduced the amount of presents you have to move by
your finger by the amount of presents you color-changed.

The Ice Block: You can activate the Ice Block exactly the same way, but the effect is much different. If the Ice Block is activated, the whole assembly line it is activated on gets frozen, so it stops moving until the frost melts away. Great, one
assembly line less to worry about, at least for a certain time 😉

You can even combine two special items of the same kind if you select one and swap it with another one to create a much more powerful effect!”

You can get Swap Factory on the Google Play Store

Here is a playable demo of Swap Factory so you can check it out for yourself.