Game Review – Cinders

Cinders by MoaCube is a visual novel set in the world of the classic Cinderella story. For those unfamiliar with the genre, your primary goal is to enjoy a game almost exclusively through its narrative. The twist is every playthrough will progress differently based on the choices you make through the story. A huge plethora of choices offer a variety of deviations and weave them into a fully fleshed out panoply of storylines.

Results – GameMaker Studio Master Collection Giveaway

With over 1200 entries to my latest software giveaway, it’s officially time to announce the results! A total of 18 individual entrants have won a prize. Winners were selected by random draw and are listed below. If you’ve won a prize, you will be contacted privately within the coming week. If you won with a Facebook ticket, you will be contacted via Facebook private message. If you won with a Twitter ticket, you will be Read more…