5 Ways To Save Your Game From An Early Grave

Struggling to finish a game? You aren’t alone. Many GameMaker users suffer from motivational issues that stem from a number of simple causes. It’s not unusual for a game developer to have a stockpile of unfinished projects. It can be frustrating and demoralizing when you realize you haven’t finished a game in a long time. It may be you’ve never finished a game. The solution could be as simple as making a few changes.

5 Ways to Avoid Vaporware

Vaporware; software or hardware that is announced and never released, nor officially cancelled. Or as I see it, the fate of most GM projects. It is a sad truth. Many Game Maker users will announce tonnes of new games, applications, and concepts in their time at the GMC, but so many of those projects will never see it to the end of their development. Rest assured, many of us are guilty of abandoning projects. Even I have Read more…