Annoying newbie trait (8)

Annoying trait 8: Insulting someone else’s game purely because the owner criticised theirs: GMC post (courtesy of Grego).

Annoying newbie trait (7)


Muscovites drink Vodka

AKA Annoying newbie trait (6) Helpful, descriptive topic titles, with typical newbie ambition:

Annoying newbie trait (5)

Random, pointless and nonesensical topics with no logical explanation. “1 practice make a high quality game like cocktail contact eny number,…..” How useful, this contribution to the GMC is invaluable, as are English lessons. GMC Example

Annoying newbie trait (4)

After asking if the community needs another magazine… and being told NO Creating your own magazine which you freely admit “is [half filled with] just stupid random crap.” Related article: Fact: Most gamemaker magazines fail

Annoying newbie trait (3)

Annoying trait 3 Insulting the GMC rules because they don’t allow you to fill the forum up with team requests “That’s a retarded rule! Are they intentionally trying to discourage beginners or what? I wish you elitist developers didn’t lock your knowledge away from the rest of us! And quit acting like your better than everyone else! Not to you per se, but to advanced developers in general…most refuse to help people like me. “

Annoying newbie trait (2) *bump*

Annoying trait 2: Bump Bump Bump Bumping your post every three minutes

Annoying Newbie Trait (1)

Annoying Trait One Starting Every Signal Word With A Capital Letter