Russell’s Quarterly 5

The praised Russell’s Quarterly written by Tom Russell returns with a new issue full of quality content spanning to 67 pages “absolutely jam-packed with interesting, thought-provoking, and above all, useful content”. Sounds interesting, as always. Design-wise, Quarterly seems to be taking on a (slightly) more richer selection of colors and design in general. Check it out.

Yet Another Magazine

…Although this one is actually decent awesome. Russell’s Quarterly doesn’t really have that much of an focus on Game Maker, but game design instead, with reviews of the games Hunter’s Island, Fedora Spade, Death Worm and Shush. It’s also a 72 page read. …And an awesome simplistic black and white layout that doesn’t lag Acrobat to hell that GMTech all magazines should use instead of their "futuristic gray-blue steel" theme that doesn’t exactly do the job. Great Read more…