Yet Another Magazine

…Although this one is actually decent awesome. Russell’s Quarterly doesn’t really have that much of an focus on Game Maker, but game design instead, with reviews of the games Hunter’s Island, Fedora Spade, Death Worm and Shush. It’s also a 72 page read.

…And an awesome simplistic black and white layout that doesn’t lag Acrobat to hell that GMTech all magazines should use instead of their "futuristic gray-blue steel" theme that doesn’t exactly do the job.

Great job, Russell! I look forward to your next issue!

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  • I have deleted every off-topic comment off this. In the future, this will also occur in case anybody steers a topic away from it’s original subject.

    I have saved an archived picture of the post with the OT comments here.

  • While GM games are the focus of the reviews section, the focus of the magazine as a whole is much wider. I’m not sure that most other magazines, net-based or otherwise, would really be amicable to a twenty-five page feature on M. C. Kids. 🙂

  • The theme I was emulating/tweaking is that present in the New Yorker or the New York Review of Books; the important thing for me was the content– not going for the slick coffee table look but rather for something simple, spartan, and uncluttered.

    I have no comment about anyone else’s layout themes myself, nor do I think that mine is inherently better than anyone else’s; this is just what I prefer for my own magazine.

    Thanks to Tuntis for blogging it. 🙂

  • I’m a big proponent of simplicity in design, that said, this magazine feels a bit like reading an encyclopedia. Not that that’s a bad thing 🙂

    It’s great work Tom!

    But, may I ask why you didn’t consider contributing to one of the existing open GM Magazines like GMtech, MarkUp or GNAzine? I always wonder why people decide to make their own magazine projects, but usually don’t get the chance to ask 🙂


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