indieFunction Publishes 15th Issue and Switches to Fortnightly Releases

IndieFunction Magazine - Issue 15The 15th issue of indie(Magazine) has been released (download).

The cover feature, a look at the recent Ludum Dare 21 gamejam and competition, sadly featured only recycled content originally posted on the Ludum Dare blog. Several “guest writers” contributed an appraisal of the development of their games, dubbed “postmortems”, which were delivered in various forms.

Continuing the issue’s theme there are reviews of the winning Ludum Dare games and a short interview with Marach who created of the third placed game in the competition. There is also a brief cross-platform motion blur tutorial and the usual news section which announces the release of the Tululoo HTML game creation tool.

Tululoo is developed by Zoltán Pércsich (silentworks) who made the Silent Walk FPS creator and has created GameMaker games in the past including Park Racer. indie(Function) describe Tululoo as “super simple to use”, it will be interesting to see the kind of games produced using it.

Switch to Fortnightly Releases
Editor Bret Hudson opened the issue announcing that as school had resumed the magazine would switch to a fortnightly release schedule so the magazine doesn’t have to be rushed.

To be honest I’m surprised and quite impressed that the magazine, which mostly covers GameMaker and FlashPunk game development, stuck to their initial turnaround time for so long.  The indie(Function) team have now published 15 issues, the vast majority of which have come out on time despite their demanding weekly release schedule. Not many GameMaker e-magazines have done that.

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