GameMaker:HTML5 Beta Date Announced

A beta version of GameMaker HTML5, now stylised GameMaker:HTML5, will be made available to those who have registered to take part on September 22nd.

During the beta period it will be possible to purchase the full version of GameMaker:HTML5 at the reduced price of $99. Once the beta ends the product will sell for $199.

Additional information on the upcoming version of GameMaker has been placed on the YoYoGames website.

GameMaker creator Mark Overmars has also uploaded some further examples of games created using the software taken from his Game Maker’s Apprentice [UK, US] book.  Super Rainbow Reef, Galactic Mail, Koalabr8 and Tic Tac Toe are now playable on Mark’s website.

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    • Blue :I asked it Sandy via twitter, and he said Studio includes HTML5, and if you buy HTML5 now, you will get a discount on Studio.

      Hmmm, what about people who don’t want HTML5 but do want the other exporters like iOS and Android? I guess its okay if HTML5 is thrown in for free, but I don’t want to have to pay more for Studio because of it.

  1. I was think about which version to buy. But I decided to go by standard edition, cause I’m poor right now (depression which makes it hard for me to work right now) cause if I’m gonna buy the html I also want a site to put the game (which will cost even more).

    Thankfully the swedish krona is VERY strong against the dollar the recent years. The price 99$ for html is in Swedish crowns what a regular xbox360 game cost in the store, and 39$ is the price of 2 sets of guitar strings in swedish money :p hihi lucky me

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