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YoYo Games have sent a $20 off coupon code to those who signed up to the GameMaker:HTML5 Beta mailing list. The code, which is valid until Tuesday September 27th (6 days), will enable users to purchase GameMaker:HTML5 for $79 (~£50, ~€58). The beta is due to be released tomorrow.

RC has developed a signature “Game Card Generator” for YoYo Games. The dynamic signatures contain statistics about a chosen game on, a game screenshot and custom message.


A new Game Maker magazine, titled IndieGo, is due to release its first issue tomorrow. The team plan to charge 80p to download a .pdf version and £2.50 for a hard copy. A “demo” issue which was posted online and deservedly attracted criticism for its poor quality.
With the first issue due for release on the same day as the GameMaker:HTML5 beta goes public and YoYo Games’ Kirsty stating that they have been “involved with Indie Go” it will be interesting to see what the issue contains. But after seeing the the demo issue I doubt many will be prepared to pay 80p to see what’s inside!
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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of sites that have started accepting HTML5 games and paying for them like their Flash neighbors? I don’t see the big fuss over HTML5 games until a market gets established, Or is it already establish and I am just missing it?

  2. GM price being lowered by another $20 (even temporarily, but that’s when most users will likely buy it?) is a nice thing.

    Game cards seem like a good idea, however these may as well generate a lot of bandwidth for the website, possibly getting author into a bit of trouble.

    For IndieGo… demo issue is quite… bad, if call it that. Of course, price of 80p is about same as generic game for mobile devices, and surely isn’t something to worry about… but those games are at least decent.
    Logic behind partnering with creators of such magazine is so much out of my vision.

  3. Those game cards need some work. Fonts need to be smoothed, and I’d recommend a new font altogether, with a little bit of typography thrown in for good measure.

    So do you have a link to the demo issue of IndieGo? I’d like to see it, just to see what all the fuss was about. From the logo and video intro they’ve posted on YouTube, I’m not all that impressed, though. I find it very strange that YYG would randomly partner with a “magazine” that hasn’t even had one issue yet, though.

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