Play any GMArcade game anywhere

Last week GMArcade added a new feature to their website which enables users to launch any game uploaded to their site from any other website using their “Play Online” technology.

This bypasses the need for a gamer to visit the GMArcade website as games can be launched from individual team websites or even, as GMArcade suggest, the GameMaker Community.

Whilst I am sure some GameMaker users will welcome this move, I fear this feature could backfire and result in increased bandwidth usage for GMArcade with no commercial gain.

What do you think?

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  1. Yes, you can actually play the creators game in the GMC topic. And as for “no commercial gain” I have a huge amount of bandwidth a month, and there is a splash screen that says “” when our technology is used, so I’m okay with that.

    Besides, I’m no longer on a $27/month server, I persuaded my other server company to let me change some settings, and that one is a yearly fee that I already paid a month or two ago.

    Thanks for the article Phil =)

  2. Hmmm… Sounds like a cool feature. GMArcade is really being noticed recently.
    I’m interested in the ‘Play Online’ feature. Does this mean that you can actually play the creators game in the Game Creation topic on the GMC? It would be pretty good if that was true.

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