Game Glyph – Integrated Advertising Solutions

Someone has beaten YoYo Games to release a feature they said they were considering adding in the future. Game Glyph – Integrated Advertising Solutions is a new service that will display a random advertisement at the start of a GameMaker created game and split ad revenues 50:50 with the creator of the game.

Of course you will receive money for each ad shown, however no ball-park figure is given of the per impression earnings so far. The creators of popular games such as Crime Life 2 could be receiving lots of money if this works as advertised and if YYG allow it.

The process works like this: A room is added before the first room of your game which fetches a webpage from the GameGlyph server and displays it within the game for three seconds before proceeding to the next room.

The wrappers required to place adverts at the start of your game can be found here, currently minus the DLL needed to embed the webpage.  No example adverts are currently available to view.

For further details including a comprehensive FAQ and the application form see the Game Glyph website.

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