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GM Arcade

It appears this is the first post on GameMaker Blog or gmnews about this site which actually astonishes me.

GMArcade is a new website that enables you to play a selection of Game Maker creations from your browser, in a similar fashion to YoYo Games’ “Instant Play” feature through the use of a Java Applet.

The website is run by Matthew Kremer a ‘President & CEO’ of a gaming computer company who apparently can not afford to stick up a $50 contest prize. Why does this immediately bring to mind my experiences with the mighty GameMakerSchool [2] ? I love the way that whilst he describes the Java applet powering the site as “a real cash cow” when trying to flog the technology he also admits that he is struggling to get .5 cents a click from Adsense.

The traffic stats provided are good for a site the age of GM Arcade – in fact they are not that far off what GameMakerBlog has achieved in the same period. However there is an obvious over-count in the number of pageviews because of the way the GM Arcade site has been designed – which makes bad use of iframes. Feb 2008 Traffic Stats

In the past I have been in contact with Matthew about the site looking to help improve its design and to make it profitable, however he declined my involvement.

A good idea poorly executed and poorly funded.

What do you think?

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  1. While Khan may have a point at going a little bit too far with the struggling for .5 cents, it doesn’t justify your idiotic troll attitude.

    Funny though how once a comment is posted, 3 comments are made in regard to the dead article.

  2. You’re a fucking dick; no, really, you are. You’re a fucking little bitch that likes to do gossip and Google’s everything just for journalism. I hope you die a slow and painful death.

    Your blog is only a gossip corner about the Game Maker Community. Make real articles and stop posting gossip that disrupts people personally. YOU’re the idiot that makes 13 year olds and kids look like idiots. Fucking grow up and stop Googling real names just to find something “juicy” as an article. You’re a terrible journalist.

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