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History Of GameMaker Discussed At Dutch Game Garden 2014

YoYo Games CTO Russell Kay discussed the history of GameMaker in a recent talk at Dutch Game Garden 2014. Founded in 2008, the Dutch Game Garden aims to improve and promote the games industry in the Netherlands by connecting entrepreneurs and businesses.

A video of Kay’s talk can be viewed below. We’ve also included some key quotes that may interest GameMaker users.


Key Quotes

  • “We only used to create Windows executables. That’s kind of GameMaker’s heritage. We do have one [version] that we don’t talk about very often, GameMaker for Mac, that actually does produce Mac executables as well. My first job when I first joined YoYo Games was to get GameMaker for Mac out the door. So you can blame me for that one.”
  • “Contrary to popular belief, we are not getting rid of Drag & Drop. Drag & Drop is here to stay.”
  • “Coming soon we have a marketplace where you will be able to share extensions.  We’ve opened extensions up so that they include assets so that you can actually have extensions that are just sprites, you can have backgrounds, you can have sounds, rooms, paths, timelines, everything that you can do as an asset you can now put into an extension. And you’ll be able to share and sell, if you wish, within the marketplace.”
  • “We added analytics to GameMaker, and we were actually quite surprised to discover the image editor is used as much as it actually is. Which, you know, means it’s been getting a little bit more love recently. It was quite a surprise.”

Watch The Talk

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