GameMaker Studio Released Two Years Ago Today

on May 22, 2014 - 6399 Views

GameMaker Studio has been a flagship product for YoYo Games since it was originally launched on May 22nd 2012. Today marks the two year anniversary of the most advanced version of the game development software. GameMaker Studio has enabled thousands of aspiring developers across the world to fulfill their dreams, and I can personally guarantee that it is changing lives for the better.

To celebrate the occasion, YoYo Games appear to be handing out prizes on both Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to congratulate the team!


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2 Responses to GameMaker Studio Released Two Years Ago Today

  1. Puck says:

    Big happy birthday 😀 that many more fun years will continu

  2. TomBen says:

    Maybe little baby finally learn to walk. CG anyway. 🙂

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