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Tech Blog – Using Advertising Extensions

YoYo Games, the developers of GameMaker Studio, have posted a new tech blog article discussing the addition of advertising extensions to version 1.3 of the software. Advertising extensions allow GameMaker Studio developers to integrate ads from their preferred provider, even if GameMaker doesn’t specifically support the provider’s SDK. Below is an excerpt from the post.


“Previously when adding advertising to your game you were limited to the functionality that was built in to GameMaker Studio, which meant that you could only use what the developers felt was relevant to include. This was fine to start with, but the changing nature of the provider’s SDKs and the different needs of individual developers meant that this was a far from optimal way to do things, which is why the change is being made to extension packages.”

The change comes just a few months after Apple started rejecting GameMaker Studio apps due to the automatic inclusion of an advertising identifier even if the game didn’t use ads.

“By making this change, any changes to the provider SDK can be added quicker, and it will permit you, the developer, to add your own functionality to the package and extend its possibilities.”

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