Tech Blog – Using Advertising Extensions

YoYo Games, the developers of GameMaker Studio, have posted a new tech blog article discussing the addition of advertising extensions to version 1.3 of the software. Advertising extensions allow GameMaker Studio developers to integrate ads from their preferred provider, even if GameMaker doesn’t specifically support the provider’s SDK. Below is an excerpt from the post.

RadAd – In Game Advertising

About a month after GameGlyph made its promising debut it appears to have been forgotten or abandoned by its creators. However a new service that claims to make selling in-game advertising for GameMaker easy has now come along, RadAd. RadAd is a project led by Josh Conley which displays a 5 second advert at the start of games using their system, paying developers on a per click basis. If this takes off I see the Read more…

Here come the ads?

The new look YoYo-ized Game Maker Community with ads?