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Here come the ads?

The new look YoYo-ized Game Maker Community with ads?

gmc with ads (small) has them, The YoYo Games forums have them and it appears obvious that YoYo Games intends to generate the vast majority of its income from advertising in the long run.

I have spoken with a few community members and their responses on the issue of advertising on the GameMaker Community have been varied. Views ranged from “they’d be stupid if they didn’t” through “I really don’t care” to “YoYo needs to stop trying the squeeze the advertising juice out of everything Game Maker” when asked for opinions on the matter of advertising on the GMC.

Certainly the ethos of YYG and the YYG forums is different from the GMC, being aimed at gamers instead of the developers. The recent changes at the GMC have showed the community that YoYo haven’t abandoned them (it just took a year of waiting), so perhaps this means that YoYo will be sensitive to what the community thinks, then again, perhaps not.

There have been objections to the current placement of adverts on and they do appear to have been stuck in afterwards, which they were, in any available place.

I’m not against ads on the GMC. Obviously YoYo need to generate an income from somewhere, but if they are added they should be sensibly placed, well targeted and not flashing click the monkey/shoot the duck banners.

What do you think?

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  1. too late they already are doing that, it’s a real tragedy i know, i h8 it but where is YoYoGames meant to get there money from i mean selling game maker all the time to customers get serious here people.

  2. I think that Yoyo do need some money from somewhere because of the (approximately) $20 they get per sale of GM just wouldn’t cut it I’d think, besides there already is Ads on, i don’t think that there would be some very happy users and it may turn potential users from the GMC and possibly Gamemaker.
    But still it would not be a good idea if they don’t like people making topics on the GMC about it, such as the new skin change, HOW MANY TOPICS WHERE ON THAT?!?
    I just don’t think that id like it too much.

  3. You and everyone on this site are retards.
    They doesn’t harass users, they criticize them. That’s not very nice, but it’s always true and I’ve never seen them do it without provocation.
    And they have never “exposed” personal information. All the information they posted was available in the WHOIS database entry for that person’s domain.

  4. I have no problem with YoYo generating revenue with advertising, it’s a great strategy, but they need to learn that flash based adds are less likely to get a click-through than simpler adds which do not attempt to “trick” the user into clicking them (just shoot the duck and win big). Then again, many of the smaller companies which employ flash based adds have fewer customers and can pay more… which I, I assume, what YoYo is after.

    However, I do object to ANY form of advertising on the GMC. On the parts of the site oriented towards gamers, yes, on the parts oriented around developers wants and needs, no.

  5. If they have any ads that make noise when you hover over them (like the smiley central ones) or if they have any pop ups, I will leave the gmc. I will also be mad if they have flashy animated ones (shoot the duck etc). under attack

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