GMVision releases their first “minisode”

GMVision is watching hammers just like big brotherAfter a short break, GMVision returns with a new “minisode”, featuring a review of Tower of Heaven.

Askiisoft’s Tower of Heaven is one of four Game Maker games that have made the final of the 2BeeGames competition where they could win $10,000.

What do you think?

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  1. This was at least fairly professional, and overall it was not painful to listen to, but I have to disagree on some of your review points, particularly on the music, which I think you unjustly criticised. You could have also gone deeper into the overarching theme, and perhaps even flashed some of the great artwork. I also disagree with your comments on the graphics (in some aspects) — I think they definitely achieved what they intended to, and the result is beautiful and unique.

    One final criticism, the gray texture headings were terrible xD Even straight white text would have been an improvement.

    So, overall, it was a good length, well presented, had a nice intro, and would be the 2nd piece of GM media I’d come back to hear more on (Russel’s Quarterly being first) — consumable and neat.


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