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    GM-Cast, GMTV-Killer?

    A new GameMaker TV show in the works, GM-Cast, has hit trouble before the launch of its first episode which we are told will be released by “November 1st AT THE LATEST!“. The idea for GM-Cast apparently came about after a member of the team was refused a posistion at the well established GameMaker TV, […] More

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    GMTV now part of GMking

    Starting today, Game Maker TV (GMTV) will be joining the GMking network of sites and services. The name “GMTV” will be kept, and Dan “Danny” Eggers will continue to act as the Executive Editor of the popular Game Maker video podcast. As part of the agreement, GMking will provide resources and services to GMTV necessary […] More

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    GMTV episode 4: detailed analysis

    It’s out. Featuring ~22 minutes of content, I was highly impressed by episode 4 of GMTV. Featuring news, reviews and more, this is the most professional episode to date. The show features a completely new look (to go with their new website), which is a huge improvement from the previous one. They have ditched their […] More

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    Gamemaker TV: Episode 4

    The long awaited episode 4 of Gamemaker TV has been released, with around 20 minutes of content. The episode contains the following: News A tutorial Reviews And something they call ‘Face-Off’ which is like the cage matches on the GMC Sadly they didn’t get the interview with cactus in. A detailed review coming soon. What […] More

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    New GMTV Website

    “We have decided to release the website earlier then episode 4 because we are having some more delays, and we thought you would like to know what’s going on and of course see the brand new site“ At least they have finally released something! Along with the new website, they have also updated the look […] More

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    “Offcial Video Website” [sic]

    Introducing the snappily titled “Game Maker Users Helper – The Offcial Video Website” which can be found at the equally easy to remember URL of Recent months have seen a number of Game Maker video sites come and go. The biggest and most successful being Dan Egger’s GMTV, but we have also seen releases […] More

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    Hardcoregamer actually does something useful

    …With his “Katchup” blog. An interview with Danny, a GMB writer and the head of GMTV reveals that the fourth episode will be released on “June 23 or earlier”. According to Danny, the release date “is not correct”. Be sure to check out his other posts full of useful information. More

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    GMTV – Dead or Alive

    After very little word of an Episode 4 from the guys over at GMTV many began to fear that another GM related publication had bitten the dust. Well many people could just be right after the lost of Co-Owner Brad (who also writes here) and musician Sebastian. Dan announced that Gamemaker TV is on hold […] More

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    GMTV 3 detailed review

    …by everybody’s favorite [sic] writer. I have to say, to begin this with, the third episode greatly increased the quality of GMTV compared to the past two episodes. I won’t be jumping into the technical aspects until the end — I’ll focus on the content. The main content in this episode is reviewing the 10 […] More

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    GMTV, episode 3

    …is out.  Featuring a lot of reviews and an interview with a GMNews/GMTech writer, Bendodge, which GMTV’s page bizarrely describes as "an interview with a writer from both Skorptek’s "Game Maker Blog" and for "Game Maker News"". My review of it coming soon. What’d you think? More

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    GMTV Title Sequence

    Danny has released a video showing the evolution of the introduction sequence. Not something I was expecting. It’s all well and good making this video which I suppose could be of interest to GMTV enthusiasts, but with only two full episodes made I can’t help but feel this was released a year too early […] More

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    Bored at Christmas? The Christmas themed Epsiode 2 of Danny’s has been released. To quote Danny “it isn’t very good but it’s not the worst thing you can find”, and I agree. It is an improvement on the first episode, however I’m not sure that a TV show is the best way to present […] More

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