GMTV episode 4: detailed analysis

GMTV's new intro logo.It’s out. Featuring ~22 minutes of content, I was highly impressed by episode 4 of GMTV. Featuring news, reviews and more, this is the most professional episode to date.

The show features a completely new look (to go with their new website), which is a huge improvement from the previous one. They have ditched their “retro style”. This time in reviews, Ancient War and Beneton Movie GIF.

Face-off: Ad Nauseaum 2But that’s not all: it features a new face-off feature. Basically, two games are picked, and 5 different features of them are compared: Graphics, Replay Value, Originality, Sound/Music & Game Features. This time, Ad Nauseaum 2 and Return to Sector 9. For every category, a star is awarded for one game, and the one with the most at the end wins.

There was also a bit showing off a typewriter script, much like the Weekend Extras (getting more of those would be nice, as long as there’s real content).

In overall, a very nice episode, worth a watch. (Somewhere around 4 out of 5 stars). But to the obligatory technical comment, I’m amazed how a 320×240 WMV (“high quality”) takes 217 megabytes of space.

Check it out. Even if you’re on a 56k modem.

3 Replies to “GMTV episode 4: detailed analysis”

  • I’m loving the new look, but there’s a few errors in content and pronounciation. Otherwise, it’s pretty good. Best so far.

    Oh, and R2S9 is better than Ad Nauseam 2. But that’s my opinion.

  • Most professional to date indeed. I still wouldn’t mind more professionalism personally, but its definitely getting there. Good job.

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