Introducing Nocturnal Engine which looks like being will be the most promising GameMaker “community” style website launch for a long time.

All the usual features you would expect at sites like SnowMoons and GameMakerCentral are there – blogs, profile pages and an upload facility.  There is also a forum and IRC facility and thankfully the design is simple, uncluttered and very easy to use – somewhat different from the generic community sites we have come to know.

There is currently little content online and I’ve already spotted a couple of php errors, but in a 3 months time I believe we will see a community of several hundred members here.  At least I hope so.

One Reply to “Insomniac?”

  • This is cool. The site looks sort of ugly right now, but I’m sure it will improve. I hope it takes off since we really need some other game maker sites, as most of the other ones (like Game Maker Games and 64Digits) have had so many problems lately.

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