GameMaker Tech 14: YoYo Games Exclusive + Win GameMaker 7 Pro

It’s here – the first magazine to have a YoYo Games exclusive – and it took more than year and a half after they appeared on the scene for anyone to do one. Below is an outline of some of the content, but I expect most people will want to go straight to page 20.

Download GMTech 14:
from GMT – direct pdf link
from (pdf, adverts)

  • Exclusive Interview with YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan
  • Interview with Russell Carroll from
  • GameMaker Pro Giveaway (10 valid GameMaker 7 licences)
  • Development: G3D 3D Effects Library
  • Development: Creating Humour in Games
  • Article: Getting your game seen on YoYo Games
  • Article: Why games appeal to people
  • Article: Making a website for your game
  • Insight Into: S*CORPS (by Tom Russell)
  • Insight Into: The Development of Senseless War
GameMaker Tech has now been publishing issues for over two years and there have been some recent changes.  The magazine has a new co-editor Timoi, replacing gmjaband it has been announced that production of Issue 15 won’t start fully until February/March 2009.

What do you think?

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  1. I really hate American spelling and I hate it when people comment about British English in a negative way.
    If the owner of the magazine is British, why should he not write it in his home language?
    British English 4 Life!

  2. @ gamez
    What I was trying to say was it was a very nice exclusive getting YoYo Games. But I felt in my opinion this issue does not live up to the standards of the previous issues.

  3. What I can’t stand is that they use “whilst” all the time. It’s barely even a real word in the (American) English language and I don’t think they are British. Otherwise so far I am liking it. There are some interesting topics.

  4. msr, you can’t exactly say that it isn’t a word that isn’t used in the American, or entire English speaking community.

    And Gamez93, I know what you mean, it is hard to make everyone happy, sometimes it seems completely impossible, in some cases, it is.
    But I was just puting out my feedback, to try and help improve the magazine – good luck, by the way.


  5. @ Mattthew_H –

    “the ‘exclusive interview’ with Sandy, had a missing question with an answer!”
    I already explained why that was, Sandy did a summary of his thoughts they same was done for the other exclusive interview.

    Thanks for your comments anyway, we are trying to appeal to as many different people as possible at the same time. What you liked isn’t what everyone liked, so we try to balance it out.


    Also if anyone feels offended by any comments raised in the issues feel free to say. I have read through the issue myself and no offence was meant to be caused to anyone.

  6. I was talking about the entire magazine, the cover [at least mine] had graphic errors, and some of the articles had errors and the ‘exclusive interview’ with Sandy, had a missing question with an answer!

    I found a few grammar and spelling errors too.

    I also found some of the text quite over the top.

    There is a never ending torrent of unfinished,
    pointless, and frankly rubbish games that get
    uploaded to YYG (YoYo Games). The ‘Featured
    Games’ is a small museum of gaming gems and
    delights, and sorting by ‘Most Popular’ filters more of
    the best games into sight. However, the main sewage
    pipe is the ‘Most Recent’ category where all games
    start off. I can bet not many visit here as games of the
    lowest possible quality are found living out their pitiful
    and wretched existence. Fortunately many fantastic
    games are rescued from the waist-deep piles of
    steaming excrement and staff picked. But those are
    the lucky ones. Some are never found again.
    [/i[ [/quote]

    I didn’t like the layout, I think that the old one was perfect! Why did you change it to this one?

    I understand that you are missing your graphics designer, but, maybe you could do a little more work on it.

    Suggestions for issue 15:
    1. Don’t use the same layout as in the current issue, Maybe go for the same layout as issue 13 [and 12 if I am correct]
    2. Don’t go to over the top, as I pointed out above.
    3. Check the issue more thoughrly next time, maybe find more issue checkers.

    That is all I can think of at the moment, really.

    it was an alright issue, despite the exclusives and giveaway.


  7. @Mattthew_H – Interesting comments. You believe it is not to our ‘usual standard’, however personally I think those are the best articles that we have had all in one issue. In previous issues there were some good articles here and there, but this issue had the best collection.

    Are your comments about the design or the articles?

  8. The issue was okay, the exclusives where good, a nice read – although a few errors and missing letters, even a sentience.

    The issue wasn’t as good as it usually is, even with the exclusives.

    I thought that the new layout/skin sucked compared to the old one [no offense, my opinion].

    Although, as they are missing GmJab, I *guess* that is an excuse, but if they are going to release something, maybe they should improve it a bit more, to there usual standard.


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