YoYo Games Rating system to Change

Many people have moaned at the GMC about what they view as inadequacies with the rating system on YoYo Games. Whilst this is a relatively trivial matter for most of us the conspiracy of the so-called ‘downraters’ appears to have got under the skin of plenty of GameMaker users.

In a move that may please these users Mark Overmars has announced that the rating system will change and YoYo will move to a more traditional five-star ranking instead of the bizarre 6 star system they currently use.

a good system to find the interesting games is indeed important and I agree the current system is not good enough. But we are working on it. We will soon go to 5 star rating and we will make changes to the browse pages to give better sorting possibilities. I will keep you posted.

We will be careful with the way we do the change. Clearly we want to increase the spread of rating, not narrow it. I cannot reveal the precise mechanism of the new rating system (I sound like Google here) but I probably will when it is all fully implemented. We will continue monitoring it and making changes when required.

– Mark [YoYo Games blog]

On another note why are these topics even allowed the GMC? We are constantly being told by the mods that the GameMaker Community is not the YoYo Games forum, and these are comments about not GameMaker.

What do you think?

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  1. Im obviously stupid, as I cannot see what difference having a 5 star rating will make to downraters and those who rate their own games.

    Maybe someone could explain it to me?

  2. Oooh… I can’t wait to see the new developments. I wonder how they’ll change the existing games. How will their rating be changed? Maybe they’ll reset ’em all to 0 – that would be very interesting.

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