10 free GameMaker Pro licenses

GameMaker Tech’s upcoming 14th issue not only features an interview with YoYo CEO Sandy Duncan but also includes a giveaway of 10 free GameMaker Pro licenses.

Apparently you have to ‘convince’ the GMT staff that you deserve a copy.  Full details will be on page 4 of the magazine which will be out soon.

You can enter the contest using this link to the GameMaker Tech website.

7 Replies to “10 free GameMaker Pro licenses”

  • Lol, i bought the pro version 3 times because the codes wouldn’t work, i really deseve this, and i need it as well, for my coursework…

  • Do I see the Reflexive Arcade logo? 😛
    Seems I was to exited and pressed Submit Comment to early… Anyway.

    Today, I was looking at GMT issue 1, and now I see how far they have progressed with, well, everything.
    I see the same result with Every GameMaker-Based-Magazine.
    [Well, except HardCoreGamer’s.]

    But, good job guys – I hope it’s out soon!

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