YoYo Games to share revenue in 2009

Sandy Duncan has announced YoYo Games’ intention to sell user-created games from their popular website.

YoYo Games

In an interview with the GameMaker Technology magazine Duncan said “my focus is on taking the best games and turning them into ‘products’ that we can sell. We’ve already quietly started work on putting the infrastructure together for this. We will share the revenues equally with the game developers.” He went on to say that “the most successful developers could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars… maybe even more” and that “the first people to earn money will be doing so before the end of 2009, maybe sooner.”

Sandy Duncan also confirmed that GameMaker 8 was still on schedule to release in 2009, and in a move that will no doubt please those who have had problems with their registrations, that additional support staff and a new helpdesk system will be introduced in the new year and that YoYo “almost certainly won’t use Softwrap for GM8″.

If you thought YoYo’s four competitions this year were as good as it gets then you might be surprised to hear that, presumably due to the quality of games the contests have attracted, “the quarterly $1,000 prize is pretty much a fixture” and “there’s a possibility that we’ll do more competitions in 09 than 08.”

It also seems that YoYo Games have not forgotten about the online highscores feature they first mentioned introducing back in October 2007.

The full interview with YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan can be found in issue 14 of GameMaker Tech.

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  1. @James Rhodes – Not necessarily, he does say “the most successful” – the most successful meaning the best out of all the rest. He isn’t claiming that a lot of developers, just the most successful developers could earn that much money. If you think about it the game could start off as a GM game, you could be selling it with the help of YYG and that game then gets taken to a new level – a company wants to turn it into a game for the Wii. Not likely, but not impossible for ‘the most successful’

  2. “And I wonder how they’ll have the registration system without Softwrap. Back to the old days before YoYo, maybe?”

    He mentions a current lack of infrastructure on the site on why they have to stick with Softwrap for now. I believe this implies they’ll tie registration to YYG accounts. I would like to see this kind of registration implementation, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who would be against it.

  3. There’s probably going to be a waiting period once you apply for revenue-sharing, so YoYo can make sure there isn’t any “copyrighted material” in the games. 😉

    And I wonder how they’ll have the registration system without Softwrap. Back to the old days before YoYo, maybe?

    Oh, and that’s pretty sneaky registering “”… 😉

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