Roket-Games launch Commercial Games

Roket Games

Roket-Games, the site should have been, has today added the ability for game developers to easily sell their games.

Payments are made via PayPal with Roket-Games taking a small cut for controlling access to the full version.  Submitted games will be moderated before they appear on the site to ensure that they are of sufficient quality to be sold and that the price is appropriate.

There is a nice earnings calculator which shows, for any sale price, the revenues received by the developer, Roket Games and PayPal.  Full details on how the scheme will work are available here.

Currently there aren’t any games using the service and I imagine many of those who have created games of high enough quality to considering offering them for sale are able to design their own system to retail their product.  This is however the most promising such programme launched directly by a member of the Game Maker Community, although until Roket Games can increase its audience there is little to convince people to use this over another game sale method.

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  1. I have never been a fan of Rocket Games and I also agree with NakedPaulToast. Thirdly, I couldn’t imagine spending over a few bucks on even the top games created with Game Maker. I would much rather head over to Steam, Xbox 360 or PS3 and purchase some larger games for $10.

  2. I think the only way this can considerably get off the ground is if some big names decide to exclusively sell the game at RoketGames.

    Then people would be forced to purchase the game from there and people would want to, because the developers would be big names.

    The site’s admin also wasn’t able to listen to GMLive because his parents got home – he had to go bed. 😀

  3. “although until Roket Games can increase its audience there is little to convince people to use this over another game sale method.”

    When I see the following blog entry by the site’s admin:

    “I don’t have time to write a full blog post here right now (as it’s 11PM and my parents are bitching for me to go to bed :P)”

    I’m not convinced.

  4. Even games such as Iji or Home Base? I think most people make that decision purely because they know it’s made in Game Maker and that they have experience with how Game Maker works. To the outsider, games such as Iji or Home Base match the same level of quality as games such as Peggle.

  5. @NakedPaulToast:

    I unfortunately can’t stay up as late as I’d like due to exams arriving in less than 3 weeks. After my final exams however, I have a year off between then and Uni to focus my effort on RoketGames.

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