GMLive’s Second Game Maker Radio Show (Listen again)

GMLive - Game Maker Online RadioTwo weeks after their maiden broadcast GMLive returned with a one hour 50 minute Game Maker discussion earlier today.

Problems with the streaming at the start of the show meant that the introduction of hosts Robin Monks and Caniac could not be heard by many, if not all, listeners however things quickly improved. Sadly my Internet speed didn’t so I suffered several drop outs and had to wait for the show to re-buffer.

  • The Realm One Online beta server crashed after the game was featured on the show.
  • News debated included Roket Games’ commercial games system and making a game every two days for four weeks.
  • A caller phoned in to ask the hosts opinion on the GMC and YYG forums – they were predictable.
  • Suggestions that YoYo Games need to make the Game Maker format more open so the community can develop tools around it if the tool is to remain popular.
  • No-one from the Game Maker Community Game ever showed up to answer questions about the project.
  • Off topic discussion included favourite hot beverages in the United Kingdom, thawing turkeys, web browsers and Apple.

For some reason there were big delays between the talk sections and the dividing music throughout the show which provided confusion for presenters and listeners alike.

Moment of the show: After Dan Eggers missed presenting his second show the hosts called him to let us listen to his supposedly funny answerphone message and of course he answered.

Listen again: [audio:]
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  1. From the Realm One Online development team, apologies for the server being offline during the show. We had some troubles with the host’s ISP, but everything has now been fixed and the server is running perfectly.

    Hopefully the GMLive team will feature Realm One Online in the next episode.

  2. There is actually a “clean” recording made by me (and now in the hands of Martin) which should hopefully be available sometime soon with any missing bits included 🙂

    Also…wouldn’t it be thawing turkeys vs. de-thawing…?

    Thanks for the positive feedback received, and kudos to everyone who participated 🙂

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